Business Advice Here at Fairway Group we know how quickly change can occur in the business world. This makes the need to speak to expert advisers at a moments notice imperative and our personal approach means that our business services team are available to you when you need. We can provide advice on all matters including taxation, accounting, cashflow and budgeting, business planning, business valuations and help with the sale or purchase of a business.

Taxation Consulting With our vast knowledge, constant education and diverse resources we offer a broad range of tax advice relating to corporate tax, personal tax and indirect taxation including, payroll tax, GST and any other applicable tax. Our website and newsletters are designed to keep you up to date with the latest tax changes and how they will affect you.

Taxation Compliance As accountants we know that much of our value comes from helping you to grow and achieve your goals. However, the importance of tax compliance can never be forgotten. With such a raft of taxes and deadlines to be met in today’s environment it is essential to stay one step ahead. We strive to ensure that all your compliance deadlines are met. Whether it be Individual Tax Returns, Business Tax Returns, quarterly BAS statements, Superannuation or any other obligations, we endeavour to make it as stress free for you as possible.

Financial Planning At Fairway Group, we believe that everyone deserves the right to enjoy a secure, comfortable financial future. Contrary to popular belief, financial planning is not just for the wealthy or high income earners. In fact people from all walks of life can benefit from financial advice from a qualified professional. Whether you’re just starting out, buying your first home or an investment property, or looking forward to retirement, the benefit of sound financial advice can be life changing. Find out more about our financial planning services.

Management Consulting – Strategy and Planning With the help of our strategic management consulting we can improve the performance of your business. We can add value by helping you and your business to formulate a clear vision, identify achievable goals and assist in developing and implementing the strategic plan.

Corporate Secretarial Fairway Group prides itself on its Corporate Secretarial Services, providing a complete range of corporate secretarial and support services for all types of organizations allowing you to spend your time on your business. Wether it’s ASIC compliance work or something as simple as some bookkeeping and payroll, we can meet your needs.

Superannuation Advisers and Compliance With Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) the current “buzz words” in accounting, Fairway Group prides itself on its service and knowledge in the area. We handle a diverse range of enquiries ranging from tax planning involving superannuation funds to consulting on the issues to be considered when establishing a complying superannuation fund. Our SMSF Compliance Service covers all facets of annual compliance including preparation of financial statements, income tax returns, audit and provides assistance to Trustees on their responsibilities.